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4wd Dynojet Dyno

There’s no better way to get your vehicle remapped, add a before and after dyno run and a dyno printout with any tune for an extra £99

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ECU remapping

ECU (engine control unit) remapping is the name given to the process of rewriting the pre-existing software on a vehicles ECU. There are many reasons one may opt for this, first and foremost is the extra power that this delivers. As a matter of habit car manufacturers provide fantastic engines capable of much more power output than they set them to from factory.

In addition to extra power you would also be looking at a more pleasant driving experience with all round better drive-ability, as a result smoother and faster gear changes are also apparant on automatic vehicles, also with diesel vehicles your fuel efficiency will be markedly better (around 2-5% on the average diesel remap).

Do you like the sound of what you read above but still have reservations about remapping your vehicle, get in touch with any questions you may have on 0121 772 5572 or or look through our FAQs below for more information.


Will an ECU remap affect my warranty?

If the dealer discovers your remap then your warranty will be voided, if you choose to proceed with mapping then it is recommended prior to each dealer visit that you get the remap restored to stock, you can do this with a visit to our workshop or by purchasing the My genius handheld as part of your tuning package.

What guarantee comes with your map?

With ECU remapping there is always a risk of something going wrong, you minimise these risks by going to an experienced and established tuner, our promise to you is that if our remap causes any issues we will see those resolved and get you back on the road.

Is it advisable to have dyno with my tuning package?

Our 4wd dyno allows us to provide live ECU mapping, this means we can see how the map is performing under road conditions and make the required changes to the map to ensure maximum power output while maintaining the safe limits of the individual engine.

What are the different stages of remapping?

There are up to three different stages of mapping that we offer at MSL dependent on the vehicle in question, stage 1 is software only, that is to say we only change the ECU software, stage 2 is a little more in depth and usually signifies the precense of a decat or other exhaust modification, stage 3 is a significant upgrade and usually involves uprated turbos or a supercharger unit.

Can I restore my car to stock after a remap?

Your vehicle can be restored to its factory stock settings after a remap, there are two ways of doing this, the first is to visit us in house, the alternative is to purchase the My genius handheld so you can restore your vehicle to stock from the comfort of your own home as and when you wish it.

I live outside the UK, what tuning packages can you offer?

Even if your location prevents you from visiting our workshop there are still tuning options available for you, you could get a My genius device and have the map sent to you via email (subject to applicable vehicles), alternatively you can ship your ECU directly to us for tuning.

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My Genius handheld

What is the My genius handheld?

The my genius handheld is an OBD device used for storing and transferring files to and from your ECU. This enables us to provide our tuning services on a remote basis, the process involved would see us sending a My genius device to you on confirmation of your order, upon receipt you would use the device to take a read of your ECU and email it to us, we would then use that read as a basis for writing a tune for your vehicle.

Why would this be good for me?

This device is capable of storing multiple maps including your stock ECU file, thus enabling you to switch between your desired map or stock file at will. This is extremely useful for those customers who still have warranty, a dealer service plan or other plans. It is essential to restore your vehicle to stock before any dealer visit, as a software update can remove your map permanently.

The my genius device is available on all vehicles that can be remapped via the OBD port, if you are not sure about the compatibility of your vehicle please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly team member who will be happy to take you through all options available on your vehicle.

Performance upgrades

Exhaust upgrades

Whether it be a full valvetronic system or a decat downpipe, at MSL Performance we have teamed up with some of the worlds top Performance exhaust suppliers like IPE, Scorpion, Quicksilver and many more industry favourites to ensure we can provide you with the exhaust note of your dreams.


Available on several vehicles, we are notable for having performed many of the UK’S Mercedes supercharger conversions, as the Weistec UK supplier you can be sure we only use superchargers and components from the most reputable of companies, after all extra power is nothing without the ability to safely sustain it!

Performance air filters & intakes

With extra power comes extra heat and a need for a more superior air flow and filteration. Check out our range of Performance panel filters and cone filters available on many makes and models, if your vehicle is not listed in our store, fear not we can likely still provide you with an option, just give us a call or send us an email with your vehicle registration.


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